TOKAJ-Hegyalja wineries

TOKAJ-Hegyalja wineries

"Tokay is a five hundred years of harmony. The world's only reference given wine regon, matured not from the Atlantic area's prosperty. Spiciness, fruitinedd minerality, floral nose streams in every drop of Tokay wines and whilw you have Tokay in your glass time stops and the distances disappear."

/Alkonyi László, Tokaj 2009'/

History: János Árvay was born and raised in Rátka, Hungary, a village in the Tokaj wine region. He never planned to be a winemaker; instead he was a lot into Chemistry and making scrumptious chocolate. Fate had a different idea. As a wedding gift he received 450 vine-stocks in the Meggyes single-vineyard from his father-in-law. From then on the family little vineyard was growing slowly, but steadily. He managed to get a lot of experience at the state running company, at the well-known winery Disznókő and all through the years spent in Tokaj with his business partner at Árvay&Co. Winery. After all he came back to Rátka, to the Family Winery, because this is home.
János is the chief winemaker working with his wife, Katalin and their children, Szabolcs and Angelika. Szabolcs –as a winemaker- works on the vineyard and in the cellar. Angelika is responsible for sales and marketing.
The family is member of Pannon Wine Guild, Mádi Kör, Junibor, Vindependent.

Varieties and wines: Tokaji Furmint, Sárgamuskotály, Hárslevelű, IDD+ (Hárslevelű – Muscat lunel), Tokaji Édesem, Tokaji Late harvest furmint, Tokaji 6 puttonyos aszú
Zempléni Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay

Contact information:

  • Address: H-3908 Rátka, Széchenyi tér 13.
  • Phone/fax: +3647374025
  • Angelika Árvay mobile phone: +36303183380
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The Bardon family fled to Hungary from Paris at the time of the French revolution. Their last heirs are the mother of the actual owner, whose historic and pleasant sounding name we have inherited – ensuring that the wines made here preserve the name Bardon for future generations.

Our winery has been established in 2007, but it was a long time in the planning. The vineyards were selected only after several years of research to produce first-class, artisan-quality wines. We also paid great attention to restoring vines aged between 40 and 100 years, many of which had suffered the ravages of time. Today, our primary focus is on the Meszes, Lapis and Sarkad vineyards, where we consistently strive to produce wines of the highest quality.

We currently offer mainly dry wines, all of which display artisan characteristics and are produced with the utmost care using only natural processes in keeping with age-old local traditions. We are proud to further the rich heritage of the Tokaj wine region and offer limited volumes of wines embodying the many centuries of history of the region, the unique geological properties of the soil and the expertise and passion of our expert team.


  • Address: 3932 Erdőbénye, Kossuth Lajos út 39.
  • Phone:+ 36 -70/384-4082, + 36- 20/288-6638

My husband and I cultivated only 1 ha of vineyard back in 2006. Now, six years later, we have 6 ha in 5 different vineyard. In an effort to achieve full perfection, we employ strict sorting to produce the highest quality of vine from each vintage. We ferment our wines with naturel yeasts in oak barrels and bottle the wine after 8-24 months. We would like to explore an reveal our colourful wineregion through our dry wines selektet by vineyards.

In addition to dry wines we also produce a late harvest wine called BOTT-rytis. Aszú is a real challenge. We don't even know for sure whether we will be able to make aszú wine every year. At least we will try and do our best.

We still have dreams. The first of them is the old wine-press house, built by the Zsedényi family at the beginning of the 20th century, at the foot of the Csontos vineyard. Here we wish to set up our tasting room as well. Hopefully, we can see our guests, onophiles and friends, at the site within a reasonable time.


  • Address: 3917 Bodrogkisfalud, Kossuth út 89.
  • Phone/fax: +36-47/396-118
  • Mobile phone: +36-20/240-3855

"My winery was founded in 1996 with the intent to take a full and active part in the recognition and rediscovery of Tokaj terroir and its wines.

I obtained the professional basis partly in the Budapest University of Horticulture, partly in the United States, France and Great Britain. I have participated in the life of Tokaj-Hegyalja since 1993, launching and running foreignowned wineries.

In the first year of my private enterprise I produced wine from the family vineyard in Sátoraljaújhely by means of the traditional wine cellar. In the following years I purchased lands in different parts of Tokaj-Hegyalja: Szerelmi vineyard in Tokaj, Veres, Betsek and Ősz-hegy vineyards in Mád, Hold-völgy and Új-hegy vineyards in Rátka and the Kakas and Lapis vineyards in Bodrogkeresztúr.

Today I produce wines from 9 different vineyards in 5 settlements, totalling 7 hectares. Wine fermentation and maturation takes place in the cellar of a historic house built in 1790 in the town of Tokaj. Using up my opportunities I strive to make single vineyard selections each year. I produce wines in 3 categories, which are, Dry, Főbor (principal wine) and Aszú wines, which I am inclined to think are most clearly able to reflect the uniqueness of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Through conscious yield restriction one can understand the optimal maturity and uncover the diversity and richness of each vineyard. I eagerly try to promote Tokaj’s revised position on the world map of wine."

Dereszla Winery is located in the grands crus classés area of Tokaji with more than 1km long and 3 levels historical cellar and a surface area covering sixty hectares.

During a cellar visit and wine tasting at the estate you will take a look into the life of the superb Chateau Dereszla wine estate in Tokaj-Hegyalja. You will not only find out more about the wine-making techniques and the stages of processing, you may also choose your tasting from the three, four, six or eight types of wine.

Our tasting rooms provide excellent atmosphere for the wine-tasting. The smaller one can cater 20 guests, however in the 60 seated other ones we can provide warm dishes. Next to the traditional wine degustation we organise further services like program organising, teambuilding programs, funny harvest program, wine-knight trial, outdoor cooking and wine-picnic


  • Dereszla Vinotéka
    Wine-tourism, wine-shop, program organisation
  • Bodrogkeresztúr, Felső utca 2.
  • Tel: +36 47 396 004
  • Mobil: + 36 30 456 4717
  • E-mail:
  • Webshop:

You can reach us from town Tokaj with a pleasant river cruise or horse coach, bike, canoe.

Opening hours: every day: 10.00am- 6pm

In summers 9am-8pm, for pre-booked groups any other time

First Growth since 1732 and part of the World Heritage Site of Tokaj since 2002, the Disznókő vineyards have always been sought-after due to their supreme quality. Owned by influential aristocratic families, since 1992 the estate has been under the leadership of AXA Millésimes, owner of several prestigious châteaux in the Bordeaux region (Château Pichon- Longueville, Château Suduiraut and Château Petit-Village), also Mas Belles Eaux in the Languedoc, Domaine de l’Arlot in Burgundy and Quinta do Noval in Portugal. With its know-how and experience in Aszú winemaking, Disznókő is recognized today as being in the forefront of the renaissance of the truly great Tokaji wines.

Acclaimed as one of the three most favourable sites for Aszú in Tokaj, the Disznókő estate is a single tract of land set in 250 acres. Our south-, southwest-facing slopes planted with local Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zéta are open to the Plain. Morning autumn mists and warm breezes ensure optimal conditions for noble rot. The Botrytis develops, concentrating the natural sugars, flavours and acids in the grapes. Our wines gain their fire from the mineral-rich volcanic land, rhyolite-tuff with clay soils.

We produce all our own grapes from plots that are harvested and vinified separately, and then blended carefully according to years of in-depth knowledge of each parcel. For specific terroirs and vintages we choose to have single vineyard designated wines to highlight the individual characters.
Our guiding principle is always the pursuit of absolute purity of fruit, freshness and balance combined with the power and depth of the botrytised grapes.
Our expertise means our collection of Aszú vintages, starting in 1992, is the most comprehensive. Each Aszú reflects the character of the vintage and the nature of the botrytis.

We invite visitors to come and experience the tour of our vineyard and cellars followed by a wine tasting. Our restaurant, among the best in the region, and our wine shop with its historic cellars will enrich your visit. All splendid opportunities to become better acquainted with the stunning site of Disznókő and its terroir, its unique vinification and its outstanding wines.


  • Address: 3931 Mezőzombor, Disznókő-dűlő
  • Phone/fax: +36-47/569-410, +36-47/369-138
  • Mobile phone: +36-30/967-9255

The Kikelet winery is located in Tarcal in the Tokaj wine region. It was brought into existence by Stéphanie and Zsolt Berecz in 2002. Stéphanie, who hails from the Loire valley, earned a degree in oenology in Bordeaux and then moved to the Tokaj wine region in 1994.

The Berecz couple aim at bringing the excellent Tarcal soil and the character of their wines to the forefront, they strive to discover and stress the individual personality of each slope and each grape variety. To achieve this goal they apply the technique of limitet yield. Wines made of carefully selected grapes ferment and mature in oak casks.

The characteristic shallow cellar and connected branches are a few hundreds years old. There are mentions of them dating from 250 years ago.

The vineyard

The vineyard comprises 4.5 hectares of slopes located in various parts of Tarcal. The composition of grape varieties is as follows: furmint 48%, hárslevelű 48%, zéta 3%, muscat lunel 1%.

Volcanic soil covered with a layer of loess produces elegant, balanced, full-bodied wines when an appropriate limited yield technique is applied.

Kikelet wines

  • dry and semidry furmint and/or hárslevelű, possible selected slopes
  • late harvest wines made of hand-selected grapes, fresh and fruity
  • Szamorodni, which rewards the vine grower with botritised grapes
  • the aszú – sweet, noble wines made of hand-picked aszú berries

Opening hours for visitors:

Visits to the vineyard, wine tasting and tours of slopes are made by appointment.

  • Contact: Stéphanie Berecz
  • Phone: +36 30 636 90 46
  • e-mail:
  • Address: Könyves Kálmán utca 62, Tarcal
  • Behind the catholic church, 150 meters from the entrance to the Andrassy residence
  • GPS coordinates LAT 48o 127 LON 21o 349

The Oremus wine estate was established in 1993 by the Spanish wine firm of Vega Sicilia.

The winery's grape plantations are situated in 13 historic Tokaji vineyards. Each is endowed with different soil and microclimatic conditions, yet all were designated as First Growth vineyards under the 1803 Szirmay classification. All four of the Tokaj region’s main grape varieties (Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály, Zéta) are cultivated on the estate, in addition to our experimentation with pre-phylloxera varieties.

Within our new winery in Tolcsva, traditional and contemporary wine production methods are alloyed to maintain the unique spirit of Tokaj wines. The incoming grape harvest is processed using the gentlest means possible; that is to say that it is moved with the aid of gravity throughout the levels of the winery, until finally it reaches the lowermost chambers where fermentation of the must in oak barrels may begin to take place. The vaulted ceiling of the fermentation room invokes the traditional design of old Tokaj cellars.

Another jewel of the Oremus winery is the ancient, kilometres-long system of cellar labyrinths which have enjoyed protection as a World Heritage Site since 2002. Beginning in the 13th century, underground cellars hollowed out of the volcanic tuff by hand have been used to house the precious Aszú wines. The estate’s wines are matured for years in 136-litre "gönci" oak casks in the branches of the cellar labyrinths.


Patricius Winery was established by the Kékessy family’s oenological vocation for the future, which vocation is cherishing from the past. The owners are Dezső Kékessy and his daughter Katinka Kékessy.
By 2005 a modern, new winery was built by extending the old press-house with a three-leveled gravitational processing house in the Várhegy-vineyard, Bodrogkisfalud.
We have grows in seven vineyards around five villages. Their diversity, the varied subterrane, the soil and the microclimate can be traced in wines.

Wines and winemaking

We profess that the quality of the grapes determinates the quality of the wines, so we utilize the potential of the land as much as we can. Important parts of it are the limitation of the quantity by the pruning, the selection of sprouts, the green harvest and the summer selection of the yield.
We carry out the production with gravitational technology in order to process the yield gently. We harvest the grapes by quality and also separate them by vineyard.
When making blends our main purpose is to achieve complexity and harmony. The produce of best grows is sold separately in exceptional vintages.
On the palette of our winery we have dry, late harvest and aszú wines made of the traditional Tokaj varieties like furmint, hárslevelű, sárga muskotály.

Visit us and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Tokaj-hill from our terrace with a glass of wine!

General Manager: dr. Peter Molnar

Opening hours: Mo - Fri 8:00 -16:00, Sat-Sun 10:00 -18:00

Wine tasting program with guided tour of the winery, cellar and vineyards:

  • +3647 396 001

Driving by car on route 37 between km 41-42 route sign indicates the way to the winery.


There are 16 vineyards on 50 hectares in the Tokaj-hegyalja region. There are many of them such as Birsalmás, Köves, Szent-Tamás in Mád, Padihegy, Istenhegy and Középhegy in Rátka which have great importance. We are trying furmint and muscat lunel from Medve in Bodrogkeresztúr. Our zempléni chardonnay comes from the 30 years old Megyer vineyard in Sárospatak and the sauvignon blanc grapes come from the Király.

The unique features of the loess soil in Tokaj will be present in the wines of several great vineyards-Szerelmi and Teleki.

Besides the traditional Tokaj varieties (furmint, hárslevelű and yellow muscat) we planted sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir.


Our winery is in the few centuries old and many times converted former Casino (Gentlemen’s Club) building that we had extended and made it able to get the grapes processed. We take advantage of gravity on three floors that simplifies different technological tasks.

The grapes for our first class wines got pressed by a small press machine (10-22 hl) on the top floor and the wines were fermented and aged in 230-500 l sized barrels. The simpler, fresher wines got tank fermentation and partial barrel aging.

Vintage, variety and capability of the vineyard all influence the wine producing steps-the protocol we created acts upon these affecting things every year.

Mr Christian Sauska the owner and the team set themselves an aim to produce wines which reflect the most clearly the quality, the beauty and the colourful world of the Tokaj terroir.

  • Winemaker: Gábor Rakaczki
  • Address: 3910. Tokaj, József Attila u. 2.
  • Website:

The history of a noble land

Known for its unique wines and rich history

The Tokaj Hétszőlő estate, known for its unique wines and rich history, is situated in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja, on the southern slopes of Mount Tokaj.

In 1502, the Garai family assembled seven parcels of land which became the Tokaj Hétszőlő estate. Later, it was acquired by a series of prestigious owners, including Gáspár Károli (translator of the Bible), followed by Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania, the Rákóczi family, and finally the royal Habsburg family.

Between the two World Wars, the land was entirely replanted to establish an exceptional domain. But the property deteriorated in the 1950s. These were black years for this yellow diamond. In 1991, the estate was rediscovered by the French company Grands Millésimes de France and underwent a renaissance. The vineyards, chai and cellar were modernized and the domain was expanded with the acquisition of the prestigious Rákóczi cellar and the Rákóczi-Dessewffy castle.

In 2009, Michel Reybier became the new owner of this historic winery, which joins the list of exceptional estates in the Michel Reybier collection: Château Cos d’Estournel producing a Saint-Estèphe Grand Cru Classé and the Médoc AOC Château Marbuzet and Goulée vineyards.

Tradition and modernity

Tokaj Hétszőlő Dry Furmint is the freshest and most intense in aroma

Tokaj Hétszőlő Dry Furmint is the freshest and most intense in aroma. Following ten days in stainless steel vats and delicate filtration, it benefits from a short span in bottles. Traditional Tokaji wines, such as Fordítás, Szamorodni and Aszú, are first fermented and kept in oak casks before undergoing long-aging in bottles. The casks made of oak from the Zemplén Mountains are produced by coopers in the region.

The Hétszőlő style

A favourable climate, unique soil and grapes varieties prone to “noble rot”

A favourable climate, unique soil and grape varieties prone to “noble rot” produce Hétszőlő wines of exceptional harmony and unique complexity, a velvety quality and flavour characteristic of loess soil.

The Dry Furmint and Aszú are light in colour. On the nose and palate, aromas of floral freshness, herbs and white fruit are revealed. As they age, their colour turns to amber, and the acidity fades to release aromas of oriental spices, tobacco, dark chocolate and ripe fruit.

The finesse and complexity of Hétszőlő wines have enabled the vineyards to come down through the centuries with the elegance and refinement demanded by the finest restaurants and demanding hosts.

A unique terroir

The Hétszőlő and Nagyszőlő vineyards have been classified as premier growing areas

The Hétszőlő and Nagyszőlő vineyards have been classified as premier growing areas since 1772. Sitting on volcanic rock blanketed with a thick layer of loess, the vineyards cover 55 hectares of the south-facing hillside. The confluence of the Tisza and Bodrog rivers creates an especially favourable climate for the development of Botrytis cinerea, which induces the highly-prized “noble rot”.

We use organic methods to preserve our soil and care for our vineyards. The majority of vines are the Furmint variety (73%), with lesser amounts of Hárslevelű (18%), Kövérszőlő (5%) and Muscat (2%).

Historical Rákóczi Cellar

The historical Rákóczi Pince belongs to Hétszőlő Winery. It is situated in the heart of Tokaj town, right next to the church of the main square of the town.

In the course of centuries the cellar, built at the beginnings of the 15thcentury, was owned by kings, sovereigns, princes and generals. The imposing (28-m long, 10-m wide and 5-m high) knight’s hall is the largest underground hall of this wine region. Today it serves as a place of wine presentations for wine friends and professionals.


  • Address: 3910 Tokaj, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 19-21.
  • Phone: +36 47 352 009
  • Fax.: +36 47 352 141